Hi! I am Natalia Itabayana and I’m here to help you tell your story through my photos

Provence has been my home since 2010 and I’ve started my photography training in 2009 in Brazil. I have been photographing as a hobby since then, but not until 2016 did I decide to take a step further and become a professional photographer myself. Besides my initial training in Senac, I have recently attended workshops by talented French photographer Gérard Rossignol to improve my technical skills.

Photography allows us to capture the essence of ephemeral moments and make them last a lifetime. My job is to witness the magic happen and provide you with lifetime lasting images.

I like to capture the spontaneity of the moment in natural light and outdoor landscape, as well as the confort of your home or even your hotel – every little detail that is part of your story is worth telling. 

If you are an entrepreneur, I can also help you tell the story of your brand, products and services through thoughtfully curated images. Let’s meet up and discuss your goals, expectations and projects so we may tell this story together!